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Bluehost Managed WORDPRESS (BUILD)


WordPress managed to the next level.

Get the latest additions and features for your platform
the website requirements that are most needed in the end
all-in-one experience.

Our newly developed infrastructure offers:

Multi-line temporary storage to increase speed

WordPress platform that is fully functional

Automatically handle traffic surges

Improved statistics

Multi-line security, including automatic updates

Central social control

Always fast.
Always open.

Prepare regularly for all guests
of high construction, flammable speed
and automatic adaptability.

Grow your product
as a pro.

Manage your SEO, social media and traffic sources
from a single dashboard, including keyword selection,
recommendations for content development as well
automatic sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Find useful tools for:

  1. Customer performance analysis data
  2. Improve traffic with SEO recommendations
  3. Easily manage your business reviews
  4. Communication and management strategy

The perfect theme
to start your dream.

Bluehost Market offers you access to hundreds of free and premium web themes. Choose the one that suits your style and start building.

Now include: Tone of features.


Our managed WordPress solution is full of useful features
he seizes every opportunity.



We welcome large numbers of visitors and seasonal customers with strong built-in features to meet the needs of the road.

200+ edge servers:

It’s like hosting your site everywhere, with a CDN of over 200 global locations that store and deliver content quickly.

  • More layer storage:

Our cache solution improves your site loading content faster and more efficiently.

  • High availability:

Full demolition across the platform brings better than 99.9% relaxation.

  • SSD storage:

Our storage is optimized for optimal SSD storage capacity.

  • Security


Help keep your customer data secure with free SSL encryption included in all plans.

  • Default backups:

Daily backups mean you can recover lost data, corrupt files or customer details with the click of a button.

  • Multi-line security:

We keep your site protected with Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS, attack protection and bot blocking.

Malware Protection:

Daily automatic detection and removal of malware gives you peace of mind.

Spam Protection:

Powered by Akismet, we prevent harmful or unwanted content from reaching the comments section of your site.

Obvious Features

Free site migration:

Transfer your existing WordPress website to our platform, without any problems.

Live Support:

We are there when you need us. Discuss any issues that arise with Bluehost for free.

Site stage:

Check out the new design or copy without touching your current website on our stage before it appears.

WP-CLI / SSH access:

If you really know your way around WordPress and want advanced access, you’ve got it.


This powerful plugin brings many benefits, including site development and the ability to monetize your site with a single ad creation.

Online Store Features

PayPal integration:

Manage payment processing in more than 60 countries around the world with PayPal leading industry.

Top delivery vehicles:

Make shipping your products less expensive and seamless with your choice of carriers.

Unlimited Products or Services:

Sell as you like online with our Scale Managed WordPress program.

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