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Elementor Hosting Review Guide

Are you looking for an honest review on Elementor Hosting? Or planning to build your next website using it? Then, we present you with an honest review of Elementor Hosting.

Elementor Hosting is a brand-new cloud-based managed hosting launched by Elementor. It allows non-technical users to build a website with WordPress and Elementor. It’s all website-building tools in one package with flat, transparent pricing. 

Now, you might wonder whether it’s worth using for your website. Don’t worry anymore! This article will review Elementor Hosting and see everything you need to know about it.

In this in-depth Elementor Hosting review, we’ll try to provide you with an unbiased review of its key features, installation, pricing, support, and more.

So, let’s dive in!

Overall Rating


Elementor Hosting is an all-in-one solution with a web hostingtheme, and website builder service from Elementor. It allows you to host, create, and manage your WordPress website in one place.

It’s packed with the famous Elementor page builder, fast hosting, and additional website tools for creating and managing professional websites.

The rating score of Elementor Hosting in Trustpilot is 4 out of 5. And this rating is based on the 23 user reviews

Awesome, isn’t it?

Pros & Cons of Elementor Hosting


Before moving ahead with the review, here are some of the pros and cons of Elementor Hosting. So, let’s take a peek!

Pros of Elementor Hosting

  • Cost-effective and has no hidden charges or fees for any feature.
  • Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • On purchasing this service, you can easily upscale your business or a small startup.
  • Additionally, it gives you full access to Elementor Pro features.
  • Available both manual and automatic backup options.
  • Elementor Hosting comes with a free SSL certificate to keep your website free from all threats.
  • Includes free CDN (Content Delivery Network) that will improve the loading speed of the content.
  • Also, it provides live-chat support every time.

Cons of Elementor Hosting

  • Not so seamlessly compatible with all WordPress plugins.
  • Indeed, it doesn’t allow you to install other WordPress page builders.
  • Comes with limited storage, bandwidth, and monthly visits.
  • You can migrate only the websites that are created with Elementor.
  • Does not include a reseller hosting
  • does not include more variety of plans
  • con not access the files from the Elmentor dashboard
  • can not activate , deactivate or delete plugins from the elementor dashboard to be used in case of fatal errors when the clients ca not access the wpadmin dashboard

With that, you might get an idea about what kind of hosting service Elementor Hosting is. So, let’s begin our actual review of Elementor Hosting with its overview section.

A. What is an Elementor Hosting? – Overview

Elementor Hosting is an all-inclusive cloud-based solution to build WordPress websites. It includes the #1 most popular WordPress page builder plugin i.e. ‘Elementor‘ and managed hosting service for creating fully hosted websites in WordPress.

Elementor Hosting Overview

Elementor Hosting Overview

Besides that, it’s powered by Google Cloud Platform for its cloud-based hosting services. Hence, it was called ‘Elementor Cloud‘ previously and renamed ‘Elementor Hosting‘ after the introduction of the new features. You can learn about them here!

In other words, Elementor Hosting is an all-in-one feature-packed end-to-end solution. In it, you can find everything that you need to build a fully functioning website with WordPress and Elementor, with built-in hosting.

Nevertheless, you can use this service for hosting a WordPress website and easily create designs and manage your websites. Best of all, Elementor Hosting also comes with its Hello Elementor theme.

To put it simply, you can use Elementor hosting to host your WordPress website, design with the theme, customize it with Elementor Pro, and manage everything from its intuitive dashboard. 

Therefore, many believe that the Elementor Hosting website is going to be the future of WordPress hosting. 

Generally, with other platforms, it requires you to register a domain name, find a hosting provider, & set it up using a CMS. However, thanks to Elementor Hosting, you get everything in one place with zero coding skills required.

What Makes Elementor Elementor Stands Apart?

Unlike many other popular web hosting platforms, Elementor Hosting allows you to host, build, and customize your website on the go. Therefore, it all-around simplifies the process of creating and managing a WordPress website.

With Elementor Hosting, you don’t have to worry about either purchasing hosting or installing WordPress. As all these features are included already when you purchase the hosting in the first place. Besides that, you won’t have to buy a separate license for Elementor Pro.

All-in-one Solution of Elementor Hosting

All-in-one Solution of Elementor Hosting

Likewise, what makes Elementor Hosting a better hosting than others is that its infrastructure is built on the Google Cloud Platform. This makes it quite a genuine and trustworthy hosting service in the market.

Most of all, you can find several pricing structures containing all the standard features. As the plan level increases, you’ll find more exciting features added. Notably, the starter plan costs just $9.99 per month.

Whereas other hosting providers come with various hidden fees for SSL, CDN, etc, Elementor Hosting becomes the one-stop solution for you. On top of that, you can also rely on their fast and reliable real-time live chat support for customer support.

These are a few reasons why Elementor Hosting easily tops the ranking as one of the best cloud hosting services.

B. Who Should Use an Elementor Hosting Website?

We all know that Elementor Hosting is one of the best options for creating certain websites. However, it is still not a really good solution for some others.

Therefore, it’s really important to know where you should pick and not to pick Elementor Hosting to build a website. Let’s explore it!

When Should You Use an Elementor Hosting?

We personally think that Elementor is a great option when it comes to building personal websites. It not only comes with an intuitive interface but also it’s beginner-friendly. For instance,

Similarly to that, some business enthusiasts and experts can also use it for creating business brochure-style websites. For example, restaurant owners can use it to create their online presence and showcase their menus and special offers.

Indeed, other service providers such as lawyers, architects, plumbers, agents, etc can use it to explain their service online. Even brick-and-mortar stores can build a simple website using Elementor Hosting just to provide basic information about their business.

Indeed, we can say that Elementor Hosting is an excellent option for simple yet straightforward websites. Using this hosting service, you can create some static pages to advertise your business and services along with relevant content.

Now, let’s move ahead with this review and check out all the Elementor Hosting features in the next section.

C. Elementor Hosting: The Key Features

No doubt, choosing the best web hosting for your website is always a hassle. Therefore, you must also check the features before choosing your web hosting provider. The desired web hosting must check all the list of features required for building your website.

Hence, here are the following all the key features of Elementor Hosting hosting service. Here’s a quick look at the feature:

1. Managed WordPress Hosting on the Google Cloud Platform

As mentioned earlier, Elementor Hosting is backed up by the popular Google Cloud Platform for Elementor Hosting storage. As a result, it makes it more secure and trustworthy among its customers and competitors. 

Managed Elementor Hosting - Google Cloud

Managed Elementor Hosting – Google Cloud

Indeed, many bloggers, businesses, and entrepreneurs are choosing Google Cloud to host their websites. It’s because they are quick, extremely secure, and highly scalable.  

To your surprise, Elementor Hosting is one such platform hosted on Google Cloud, so you should consider it to host your website.

2. WordPress Pre-Installed 

Not to forget that, when you buy its subscription, it frees its user from the hassle of installing WordPress. That’s because, with each Elementor Hosting, you’ll get WordPress pre-installed on your website.

Hence, once you’ve created an Elementor account, it’ll automatically install WordPress to your Elementor Hosting website.

3. Elementor Pro Included

To your surprise when you purchase Elementor Hosting, you’ll have the benefit of getting your hands on the premium WordPress page builder called Elementor Pro. You’ll get this page builder pre-installed in your hosting service. 

With this, you can create stunning pages with its intuitive drag-and-drop editor tool. In this way, you don’t need to code your pages and even beginners can use it easily.

4. Quick Setup

Another great feature of Elementor Hosting is that you won’t have any hassle setting up the hosting. As it comes with an instant hosting setup option. In this way, you can set up and use this site effectively.

Whereas other hosting services are usually slow and make you wait for a long time. But Elementor Hosting makes it look quick and easy.

Once you’ve purchased the plan you want for your website, you just need to add a few necessary pieces of information. And then, everything will be set up for you on its own. With that, you’ll get access to the Elementor templates, plugins, and much more. 

5. Custom Domain Support 

Elementor Hosting also facilitates its customers with free subdomains. You can choose to use that sub-domain and register your website without needing to get a domain name.

However, this sub-domain can come in handy especially if you are just testing around. Even more, it’s a great option for small businesses too. With that, it also lets you easily connect to your custom domain name.

6. Free CDN

Elementor Hosting gives you easy access to its CDN system, as it provides free CDN support. With this, you can improve the experience for your users who visit your website. Indeed, Elementor Hosting is also powered by Cloudflare and it is available for free.

Elementor Hosting - Cloudflare CDN Service

Elementor Hosting – Cloudflare CDN Service

Even more, it makes it easier to improve uploading the content and the overall experience. No doubt, visitors love visiting a website that helps them quickly get access to the content. And having to stay on websites where the content takes forever to connect is something nobody wants.

Hence, with Elementor Hosting you won’t have to worry about it at all, as it has excellent CDN support.

7. Migration Support

However, you can migrate it to Elementor Hosting, even if you’ve already created a site on your own hosting. Even so, you won’t be able to use a normal migration plugin to migrate it to Elementor Hosting. So, Elementor has provided a detailed article on how to migrate your site to Elementor Hosting

Note — You must know that migration only works if you’ve built your website using Elementor.

Likewise, you can migrate your Elementor Hosting website to your own hosting just like you’d migrate any other WordPress site. Not to forget that you need to purchase an Elementor Pro license if you want to continue using the Elementor Pro features. 

8. Bandwidth and Monthly Visits

When it comes to hosting services, what really matters is what kind of bandwidth and monthly visits they are offering. Therefore, with Elementor Hosting you won’t have to worry about these things.

Elementor Hosting – Bandwidth and Monthly Visits

Elementor Hosting guarantees to provide amazing bandwidth and monthly visits so that it can give its audience a great experience. Indeed, it offers a bandwidth range of 30GB to 100GB, and with that, you can now easily focus on other important things.

Not that the speed of your server won’t be slowing down your site anymore. Another plus point is that Elementor Hosting would easily let you manage 25K to 100K visits on your website. In this way, you can uninterruptedly increase the business revenue of your website. 

9. Amazing Storage

Another amazing feature that comes with Elementor Hosting is the storage capacity for your website. Elementor allows its users to store 10GB to 20GB of data.

Although you might think that the storage capacity is insufficient, it’s good enough to improve the value of content. Indeed, you can be 100% satisfied with the safety of your data because of the SSL certificate.

10. Additional New Features

Other than them, here’s a list of new features you’ll find in Elementor Hosting:

  • Staging Tool: You can safely test designs in a duplicated environment. With that, there won’t be any disruption to the live website.
  • Site Cloning: You can create a duplicate of your website having all the same features. Now, this clone can be a starting point for your website.
  • Email Boxes: Elementor Hosting lets you choose an email service. Then, you can connect your website with your email.
  • Database Access: Right from your dashboard, you can access your database files with phypMyAdmin.

These are all the major features of Elementor Hosting to review. Now, let’s move forward to the next section.

D. How to Purchase and Set Up an Elementor Hosting?

In this review section, we’ll show you the steps for purchasing and installing Elementor Hosting. By doing that, you can use it for building your WordPress website. So, let’s start it immediately!

Open the Elementor website, hover on the Pricing menu, and click on ‘WordPress Hosting‘ in the navigation

Open Elementor Hosting Pricing Page

Once the pricing page opens, you’ll find 4 different price options for Elementor cloud hosting service. There, click the ‘Buy Now‘ button of the plan you prefer.

Click the ‘Buy Now’ Button

After that, it’ll ask you to create an account. Here, all you need to do is add your account information, including your account name and password to use. Then, hit the ‘Create my account‘ button. Or you can directly set up an account using your Google account.

Create an Account on Elementor

Once you’ve created the account, it’s time to enter your billing information. It’ll ask you to enter information such as your full name, email id, country, company name, etc. 

Now before we purchase our plan, if you’ve got a coupon code then make sure that you make use of it. For that click on the Discount Code and enter it. Once you’re done, just click on the Pay Now button. 

And that’s it! Your purchase is successful! 

After the purchase is completed, it’ll popup a thank you notification on the screen, and from there you can start creating your website.

Complete Purchasing Elementor Hosting

Hopefully, this review helped you purchase, install, and set up your very first Elementor Hosting website. Congratulations, if you’ve followed this step thoroughly then now you can start creating your website.

E. How to Create a New Website with Elementor Hosting?

Once you’ve successfully purchased the Elementor Hosting, it’s time to make use of it.

When you first land in your hosting dashboard, you’ll find it a bit similar to that of your WordPress dashboard. You’ll find various menu options in the left sidebar.

Similarly, in the top-right corner, you’ll find a button for creating a new hosted website. On clicking on that we can begin the process of creating our new website this host.

Elementor Hosting Dashboard

Create a New Hosted Website

Ok once you’ve clicked on the Create a Hosted Website button, it’ll ask you whether you want to use an existing subscription for creating your website or purchase a new plan.

For now, we’re going to use our existing subscription so, click on the Use this subscription button. If not then click on the Get a new subscription button to purchase the new plan.

Use an Existing Subscription Plan

Now once you’ve clicked on that button, it’ll first ask you to enter your preferred name for your website. Once you’ve done that, click on the Next button. 

After that, based on your website name, it’ll set up the website domain for you. However, you can customize and change it the way you want. Also, it can act as your temporary domain name, since you might purchase a domain name later and use it.

Enter a Site Name

Next, in the line, it’ll make you choose what type of website you’re creating. As a choice, you get four options to choose from – PortfolioBlogOnline Store, and Business or Corporate website. Once you’re ready to choose, click on the  Next button.

Choose Your Website Type

Lastly, it’ll ask you to choose your website kit. A website kit is a bundle of 80+ ready-made, fully-designed website kits created by Elementor. 

Select Your Website Kit

After you’ve selected your template to work with click on the Start with this kit link. Or, if you want to design your website from the ground up, click on the I’d rather start from the scratch button. 

Once you’ve clicked on your desired button, it’ll begin the website configuration wizard to start creating a new WordPress site for you. After a few moments, it’ll take you to your Elementor Dashboard where you can get to work.

Once you’ve got back to your Elementor Dashboard, you’ll find that there is one new website created under the Hosted by Elementor option.

New Websites Hosted by Elementor

Now once you hover over your new website, you’ll find a couple of options to work out with – Open WP DashboardEdit With Elementor, and Manage This Website.

Options for Elementor Hosting Website

Similarly, you’ll also find a symbol that says your site is currently locked. This means that your website remains private to you while you’re working on your website. Once you’ve completed finishing your site and are ready to launch, you can turn off the site lock option.

With that,  let’s check the Open WordPress Dashboard and Edit with Elementor options.

Open WordPress Dashboard

When you click on the Open WordPress Dashboard link, it’ll open a window in a new tab taking you to your WordPress dashboard. Although this dashboard looks similar to that of your typical WordPress dashboard, it is a little different in both.

You’ll usually find this difference because your new website is hosted on Elementor. It’s a reason why Elemntor has developed and added some of its own features to this new dashboard.

Elementor Hosting WordPress Dashboard

In this WordPress dashboard, you’ll find that Elementor Pro has already been installed on your website. Also, you’ll find all the content of those pages and posts that you’ve chosen from the website kit.

Besides that, you can also find a new menu called Activity Log in the sidebar.  This is a great feature to have as it shows you the complete list of actions happening on your website.

Activity Log

Similarly, you’ll notice another feature in the upper right corner, that’s Support. Whenever you face any problem during your site-building process, you can directly click on that option. And begin a live chat with Elementor’s support experts right there and then.

Elementor Hosting Live Chat Support

Nevertheless, if you want to create a new post or page for your website, navigate to Posts or Pages and click on the Add New button. Once you’ve done that, it’ll redirect you to the WordPress editor page. And now from here onward you can start creating your website.

Edit With Elementor

From your Elementor dashboard, click on the Edit With Elementor link, it’ll open a window in a new tab taking you to the Elementor visual editor.

Edit with Elementor

Here you can see the Elementor widgets panel and other options so you completely customize every aspect of your website’s design and layout.

Inside the Elementor visual editor, you can see the Elementor widgets panel and other options. So that, you can completely customize and create complex design layouts visually without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode.

Now with that, you can edit any element of the template. In order to edit any element of that template. For that, click on that particular element and it’ll pop up all the settings for that particular block in the editor panel.

For example, in the following image, we clicked on the Heading element to edit. Once we click into that element, it’ll open an editor panel for the heading element on the sidebar.

Customize Title Element

Likewise, you can edit other elements of the template as you want. At the same time, your website can have several features added to your website. Therefore, to easily navigate among all those elements and edit them, you can simply use the Navigator tool.

Elements Navigator

Lastly, before you publish your website, make sure to preview it. Also, you can rename this new page as your homepage. Once you’ve completed previewing it, you can click on the Publish button to make it live for your audience.

From the Settings > Reading menu of your dashboard, you can set this new page as your homepage.

How to Manage Your Existing Website?

In order to manage your existing website, from your Elementor dashboard, navigate to the Website menu and hover over your website.

Manage Elementor Hosting Website

From there, click on the Manage this Website link and it’ll take you to the new screen seen as shown in the image below. This will give the information about your website and gives you access to a number of options to manage your website.

Manage Website Options

Some of the important setting options that you need to take care of before publishing your website are:

  1. Manage Domain – In this option, you’ll find all the details about the domain that comes with your Elementor Hosting Website. Also, it links an article on how to connect your already purchased domain with your website.
Elementor Hosting Domain Management
  1. Site Lock – Here, you’ll find a 4-digit pin code that you can share with your team. Once they enter this code, it’ll give them access to your website while it’s under construction. By default, this feature is enabled, so ensure it’s turned off before going live.
Site Lock
  1. Backups – You can create a backup manually by clicking on the Create new backup link. You’ll also find your site’s automated backups in the table. You can restore that backup when something eventually goes wrong and you need to roll back.
Elementor Hosting Backups

F. How Much Does an Elementor Hosting Cost?

When it comes to pricing, Elementor Hosting contains 4 pricing schemes for contrasting needs. With each plan, you’ll get your managed WordPress hosting service, theme, Elementor Pro builder, and premium support.

Other than that, check out the plans below to find the price and other features it offers:

Plan / Features Basic Business Grow Scale
Price Per Month $9.99 $19.99 $22.99 $49.99
Number of Sites 1 1 3 10
Storage 10 GB 20 GB 25 GB 40 GB
Monthly Visits 25K 50K 75K 100K
Bandwidth Per Month 30 GB 50 GB 75 GB 100 GB
Backup 14 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days

Along with these values, the plans also come with:

  • Basic: SSL and CDN from Cloudflare, DB Access, Integrated Caching tool, etc.
  • Business: All Basic features and staging environment.
  • Grow: Every Business feature and site cloning.
  • Scale: All the Grow plan features.

The best thing is that once you’ve purchased it, you don’t have to purchase a separate Elementor Pro license or purchase separate hosting. Plus, you’ll get several other features along.

Elementor Hosting Pricing Plans

Nevertheless, Elementor website hosting also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, if you ever get in trouble using it, then you’ll get a refund easily. Also, there’s no option available for the free trial.

G. What are the Security Options in Elementor Hosting?

When it comes to security, Elementor Hosting guarantees to provide top-notch security benefits and policies to secure your WordPress website. Being backed by Google Cloud, you’ll get all the advanced security infrastructure required to protect your website data and information.

Elementor Hosting – Security Features

Some of the security options that you get with its subscription package are as follows:

  • Free SSL Certificates – With the subscription package, you’ll get a free SSL certificate by Let’sEncrypt. This will help to keep your customers’ information protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • DDoS Protection – Google Cloud Platform offers DDoS protection with Cloudflare CDN to ensure a fast-loading website without any security threats.
  • Automatic Backups – Another amazing feature that Elementor Hosting provides is a completely automated backup service. This means you can keep a backup of all your website data and files to ensure the best protection. Alongside automatic backup taking place on a daily basis, you can also ask for an on-demand backup.
  • Cloudflare Firewall – To your surprise, you get the combination of the best of both Google Cloud Platform’s firewall and Cloudflare firewall. This ensures that Elementor Hosting blocks malicious traffic to your website.
  • Site Lock – It allows you to keep your work-in-progress website private. This means that your users will be only able to access your site after entering a passcode. Indeed, it hides your website from the public and requires a passcode to access the content. Although it looks similar to a staging site, it doesn’t create a replica of your website. 
  • Automatic Security Updates – The platform regularly performs automated updates on security features fixing any issue.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – Contains tools that continuously do security checks and monitor your plan. Also, there’s a dedicated security team.

This ends the review of the security features present in Elementor Hosting. But keep reading to find more information!

H. How Good is Elementor Hosting Customer Support?

Now it’s time to look at how good customer support Elementor Hosting provides to its customers.

When it comes to support, Elementor Hosting offers 24/7 premium support to all its customers. You can receive customer support via real-time chat or email. They guarantee to provide relatively fast, reliable, and accurate customer support.

You can find all the Support options here. If you want to directly contact, then do that from the Contact page.

Elementor Hosting Contact Page

To your surprise, you can find their support agents located all around the world. Hence, it ensures that you have their 24/7 availability based on different time zones. Even more, their support team is quite technical and knows pretty much what they’re dealing with.

Besides that, to help you out with migrating your existing website to Elementor Hosting, it includes import and export tools. However, as mentioned earlier, Elementor Hosting does not support third-party plugins to migrate your website.

Nevertheless, you can check out their detailed article on how to migrate your existing website to Elementor Hosting.

Lastly, we can say that Elementor Hosting offers 24/7 chat or email support to all its clients. You can find their support teams composed of hosting, WordPress, and Elementor experts.

Therefore, it’s pretty really good that you’re getting it with each subscription without an additional charge. Now, let’s dive into the next review section of Elementor Hosting!