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 strong. Dedicated.
Get up to 4x for faster hosting. Our benefit team takes care of the backend, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Our WordPress Experts Would Like To Help You
Guaranteed 99.9% Rest Time
We manage server downtime and monitor your 24/7.

High Speed Performance
Make full use of speed and power. No technical knowledge required!

Powerful Control Panel
Enjoy speed and power with this simple control panel designed for everyone


The Perfect Nature of Your Success
Growth Room
With cloud hosting, you can start small and grow bigger. Gain more power as your website grows and breaks all boundaries. All resource limits are in your hand!

4x Extra Speed
Make your visitors happy and reduce website load time. Make full use of speed and power with a simple control panel. No technical knowledge required!

Fully Managed
Dedicated 24/7 support will help you in every step of the way. Focus on every effort to make the most of your project while we take time to relax and monitor!

Simplicity meets performance
New Control Panel
Cloud hosting comes with a custom control panel. Get all the essential tools in one place and manage your server with the best performance.

Dedicated IPs and resources
Cloud hosting servers operate in invisible environments. Therefore, you will have complete control over all resources and limitations. Dedicated IP included!

Advanced data backups
Security will always come first. Daily default backups will ensure that your files and information details are safe and sound. Make file loss a thing of the past!

Quick Setup
Setting up a server may take some time. But cloud hosting includes faster performance so you can work faster!

The latest technology
Cloud hosting is completely managed, so we’ll be sure to include the latest technical and performance updates as soon as they become available!

Combined Warehouse
Make your projects faster with a built-in cache manager. Remember, fast websites and high quality search engine are closely related

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